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Technical characteristics
Solar Mirror Field

1.The tilted mirror can reduce cosine loss. The concentration ratio of power generating equipment can reach 200 times, the steam supply equipment 30-100 times and hot water supply equipment 10-30 times;
2.The supporting structure is stable and uses less steel, which can withstand class 10 winds;
3.The mirror field is compact. The utilization of  S mirror surface or S mirror field is above 48%. Land can be comprehensively developed and utilized;
4.It can be combined with structures such as greenhouses, livestock greenhouses, factories and treasuries to solve land property  without affecting normal production.
5.DSG heat transfer technology is safe, environmentally friendly, mature, simple and reliable when applied to power generation and steam supply;
6.The specular reflection ratio of cold-formed composite glass reflector is 93.5% ± 0.5%, with strong weather resistance, high impact strength, and a life of more than 30 years;
7.Fully automatic dry cleaning machine is with low energy consumption, high frequency and high mirror cleanliness;
8.Rainwater collection device is to reduce water resource dependence;
9.Its cost is low;
10.Annual heat is balanced.

Concrete heat storage device

1.It consists of recipe concrete, heat exchange pipe, insulation and control system
2.550℃ high temperature resistance、High basic heat、Safe and reliable、Low materiasl cost 、No pollution、Modular structure、No flammable and explosive material .

Photothermal-photovoltaic power generation, steam supply and hot water supply device

1、High sunlight energy efficiency Sunlight is divided into multiple spectral bands, and each band is used efficiently. It can not only output photovoltaic power, but also get 3 times of that of the energy of power.
2、It is distributable, such as layout and roof .


It is apply to large-scale storage for hot water with low construction and maintenance costs.

Solid electric heat storage

Low cost 、High heat storage density 、Modular production 、Safe operation and low operation and maintenance costs

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